Easter Bunny Hamper

Easter Bunny Hamper

As Easter is just around the corner, I couldn’t stop myself from getting into the spirit of things. After the success of my egg-themed Birthday hamper, I was feeling inspired to keep going down the hamper line. Once I’d seen this little beauty whilst browsing on notonthehighstreet.com, I knew that this was going to make the perfect Easter basket.

rabbit tin
Cute rabbit and carrot tin perfect for an Easter treat hamper. Find it here at notonthehighstreet.com

As there are rabbits already on the tin, I decided that the Easter treats would be rabbit themed too. At this time of year there are plenty of rabbit chocolates, so I went with Malteser bunnies and little Lindt rabbits. But what to have as the main attraction?

After seeing the idea for painted mason jars on Pinterest, I gave it a go. It required clear mason jars, chalk paint and sticky back plastic that you could cut shapes out of. Using stencils, I cut out a rabbit shape (and a chicken, I couldn’t resist) from the sticky plastic and stuck it onto the glass.

2016-02-20 13.39.31

Using pale blue Americana Decor chalk paint, I fully painted the jars with two layers of paint, even over the sticker. Once dry I took off the sticker so that there was a clear window in the shape of a rabbit or chicken.

To add a little whimsy to the jars, I put on a pink polka-dot ribbon around the top.

2016-02-28 11.12.12

Mini eggs are always an Easter favourite, and there are now Golden eggs from Galaxy, so I mixed the two together and filled the jars with that. The pastel mini egg colours complemented the jars and the hamper, whilst the golden eggs matched with the jar lids and the Lindt bunnies.

2016-02-28 11.12.47

Once the jars were finished I added one to the tin hamper with the other chocolates and wrapped it up in clear plastic wrapping.

2016-02-28 11.18.17

I’m really happy with the way that the jars and the hamper turned out. This is now going to be an Easter present for someone now, sorry in advance for ruining the surprise but it’s too good not to share so that other people can have a go! Enjoy!