Storm, storm go away!

Storm, storm go away!

Just when we thought it was safe to go outside and replace the roof panels from the last storm, in comes Storm Doris and whips off another one! My partner had thought that when he had replaced the panel lost from Storm Angus he had tightens down the hatches on the rest of the roof. Unfortunately we weren’t expecting such strong winds, and once again it ripped off one of the roof panels from the chicken enclosure. Instead of taking the whole panel clean off, this time it snapped at an angle so it will take a bit more time to take off and repair.

Storm Doris damage

After the wind died down the next day, I thought it would be a nice treat for the chooks to have the run of the garden. They loved scratching through the wood chip and grass to find all the tasty bugs bought to the surface by the rain. This meant that Smudge dog had to stay in but she was desperate to be out and playing with her friends.

Mummy, I want to go out and play!

Despite the storm, the weather has been improving and getting warmer. With the girls being over their moult as well, egg production has started back up. I tried using them up in last weeks recipe for Chocolate Mousse but I can’t stay on top of how many we’re getting in. Going to have to start selling them again!

Eggs Galore!

Speaking of moulting, a certain Smudge dog has started shedding her winter fur. We popped into the pet shop today to grab her a brush to help with the loose fur (and where she got fussed over by everyone). She also got a bone or two to distract her whilst I brushed her as I wasn’t sure how she would react to brushing but she seemed to be pretty chilled about it. Good thing as it looks like she really needed it from the amount I got off of her.

It’s been another busy, blustery week. Hopefully that’s the last of the bad weather for the year and we can get on with being happy, content chickens ūüôā

Mousse of the Chocolate variety

Mousse of the Chocolate variety

One of my favourite puddings of all time is Chocolate Mousse and being able to make a fresh batch in my own kitchen is everything. With it mostly being whipped up egg whites, having my own supply of fresh eggs to go in this yummy dessert is fabulous. Here’s my recipe to make a family friendly mousse that’s a winner every time and do those fresh eggs proud!


170g Dark Chocolate (at least 70% coco)

7 Egg whites

40g Caster suger

Juice squeezed from half a lemon


  1. Melt the chocolate in a heat proof bowl over a simmering pan of water. Make sure that the bowl does not touch the water (or if you’re in the same boat as me and the bowl is too small¬†for the pan, place it in a metal colander over the pan so the heat can still melt the chocolate).

    Those oven-mits ūüėČ
  2. Separate the egg whites into a large bowl and add the lemon juice which will help keep the volume in the eggs and reduce the risk of over whipping. Then whip those egg whites and add the sugar to make thick, stiff peaks with lots of volume.

    My new best friend, a cake mixer!
  3. Once the chocolate is melted, add a third of the egg whites to the melted chocolate and whip it together. Then add the rest of the egg whites to the chocolate mixture and fold in gently to reduce the risk of loosing all that lovely volume.
  4. Dish up into glasses and chill in the fridge for at least 2 hours. It should make a family load!

Goooooood Stuff ūüėČ

Christmas Review

Christmas Review

After a hectic couple of months it’s great to finally get back to blogging. I have a few bits to report from over the Christmas period:

If you remember we lost a roof panel over after a huge windy storm. Over Christmas we finally had some time to replace it and get the enclosure watertight again. To hold some of the muddy floor together from the rain that had come through when the roof came off, we put some wood chip down on the floor. The girls have really enjoyed scratching around in the wood chip and not sinking into mud.

With it being Christmas, it was only fair that that the animals got a taste of the festive season. Smudge got her own advent calendar which she soon learnt meant getting an extra treat with breakfast. The chickens got some sprouts on a string which was hung up in their enclosure to give them a different way to eat their greens.


For Christmas, my boyfriend and I, unbeknown to each other, bought each other chicken related gifts. We both got each other egg storage, I got him a wire chicken basket and he got me wooden box. The only awkward thing now is that the chooks have packed up production for the winter due to moulting and it being very cold.

With the cold comes the snow! The chickens have already seen some snow in their lifetime but for Smudge puppy this is the first time she has seen snow. We woke up on 13th Jan to a pathetic amount of snow, but snow on the ground nonetheless. She seemed to enjoy it but I think if we had more she would be able to make more of it. Today we had a lot of flurries and we got caught in them on our walk. She seemed to enjoy chasing and eating the flakes bless her!

Hopefully I’ll be able to be a bit more regular with my blog rather than catching up on two months worth of activities in one post! For now I shall leave you with a very merry Smudge puppy:


The Year of the Rooster

The Year of the Rooster

Happy Chinese New Year! And Happy New Year, it’s been a while since I’ve had chicken news!

This is the year of the Rooster. The rooster is the symbol of fidelity and punctuality because of the way it would wake the people at sunrise. I was born under the rooster sign myself in 1993, which makes me a Water Rooster, so I am supposed to be smart and agile, sensitive, keen on art and niceness…. apparently! I found this all on

With this set to be the year of chickens, it’s great to see a scientific study on chickens making headlines. Recently scientists have reviewed a lot of evidence on chicken behaviour, cognition and emotion to determine if what we perceive of chickens to be true. For people who don’t have regular contact with chickens, they perceive them as unintelligent and not worthy of being considered a “higher” animal. This is in-fact far from the truth as any chicken keeper will tell you!

The review collaborates evidence on chickens that show that they have a basic grip of arithmetic and can count up to 5, here’s a video¬†if you don’t believe me. They¬†are also able to plan for the future to get better deals, that they can determine how their peers see the world and how to use that information to their advantage. This includes males making a call that tells females that they have found food, and using it even when they haven’t found any. It is also possible that chickens could¬†feel empathy towards each other but that is yet to be decided. To read the review in full go here, or to get an easier breakdown of the information here is the link to the BBC’s article on the review.

As chicken keepers we see them on a daily basis, we interact with them and we all know how smart chickens are. The people who wrote this are hoping that it will help educate the general public on chickens and change how they perceive chickens in order to change their consumer habits. This should hopefully make customers at supermarkets more conscious of where their chicken is coming and lead to better welfare and living conditions on industrial chicken farms.

BEWARE: even though this review was written with the best of intentions for our chicken friends, it was written under bias circumstances. That could mean that there are some studies that did not further the point of that chickens are intelligent birds were under played or not taken into account in the review. However, for us chicken lovers, this is great news, it confirms what we know about our feathered friends and should hopefully lead to better conditions at farms from better consumer understanding.

Hope you’ve found this interesting. After doing my zoology degree I enjoy¬†keeping up to date with recent scientific research, especially when it coincides with my interests like my chooks. Happy New Year!