To Oz and back…

To Oz and back…

Last night was a bit windy apparently. As the girls were snuggling down to sleep, the extreme winds of storm Angus managed to catch under one of the roof panels and took it off! We woke to a soggy enclosure and a rather unhappy flock that look like they’ve been to the land of Oz and back.

Just another thing to repair when this storm passes… 

As well as the roof panel, the wind blew our garden furniture around the garden and a plastic box that normally holds Smudges toys got smashed up. 

Storm Angus has hit The UK hard, with our enclosure being one of the many casualties. Everyone stay safe in this weather and let’s hope it blows over soon.


2 thoughts on “To Oz and back…

  1. Oh no 😦 I ran out at 3.30 this morning, after listening to the wind for a bit then remembering that my ‘temporary’ chicken hut solution of shoving two eglus back to back, meant the second eglu wasn’t properly fixed to the frame….luckily it did stay in place and Mr Fox (who drops by nightly) didn’t get to eat the chickens, but I must fix it before the weather gets worse. Hope your chicks recover from their soggy home drama!!


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