Thank you Followers!

Thank you Followers!

After a big stint to hand in my Masters project, I’m finally back to writing about the chickens! Yay, I’ve missed being able to be expressive and fun rather than scientific and factual.

So whilst I’ve been otherwise distracted, the chooks have been a bit quiet on the old social media. But that hasn’t stopped people from following them and the girls and myself can’t thank you all enough for the support!

Instagram has exploded, there are now 129 followers keeping up with the girls and their pictures on their account @hannahshens . Their live clucking has also attracted a lot of attention, with 70 followers on their Twitter account @HannahsHens . The slowest grower has been this blog with only 9 followers 😦 .

It’s so easy to follow the girls on any social media, there are links Twitter and Instagram on the side menu here or search for HannahsHens on the app!

And following the blog is super easy too: if you’re on WordPress there’s a button at the very top of the side menu that adds the blog to your Reader. If you’re not on WordPress you can still follow the blog and have an email sent to you whenever a new post is added. To do that, at the top of the side menu there’s a box to enter your email into and WordPress will send you an automatic email to confirm that you want to follow the blog, it’s that simple!

Again thanks to everyone already following. It means so much to all of us at Hannah’s Hens that you’ve taken the time to be part of our little gang and we hope that you are enjoying hearing about the girls!


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