The Ladies have Names!

The Ladies have Names!

The ladies have been with us for nearly two weeks now and we finally have names for them! Took us long enough but we wanted to make sure they would suit the girls. Here we go, the official introduction:

The Black Rocks Brian and Shaniqua

These girls were named by our friend. We have a girl with quite a boy looking face so she has been nick-named Brian, her full official name is Briany though. The other Black Rock has been named Shaniqua because she is fierce like the female WWE wrestler!

2016-04-05 18.31.32 (2)
Briany at the front and Shaniqua at the back, standing with their buddy Snowflake.
The Mottled Leghorns Ginger and Babs

A group of chickens wouldn’t be complete without a few named after the chickens in “Chicken Run”! I thought that the Mottled Leghorns deserved these prestigious names as they have the personalities for Ginger and Babs. The larger and bossier girl will obviously be Ginger. The other one is a little more clumsy and dippy so I thought that she was a perfect Babs.

The Warrens Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup

We have three Warrens so we needed a famous trio to name them after. There was the an idea of naming them after the three good fairies from Sleeping Beauty, Flora, Fauna and Merryweather. However, this was just not good enough, so after a little more thinking I remembered one of my favourite shows from my childhood, the Powerpuff Girls and their names are chicken perfection! There is clearly leader and has darker tail feathers than the other girls so she is Blossom. There’s a girl who’s very airy-fairy and she’s a definite Bubbles. The last girl is very moody, she comes up to me clucking away and her feathers are quite darker than the other girls so she is Buttercup.

2016-04-05 10.17.03
The gorgeous Warrens, from front to back, Buttercup, Blossom and Bubbles
The Araucana Snowflake

This is the only name that just happened at of chance. As she’s the only white chicken she just landed with the name Snowflake. A bit funny as she seems to be the most aggressive to have a very girly name.

2016-04-05 13.42.24
Pure White Snowflake
Other chicken news this week include the girls coming into the house for a little explore. I’d let them out of the enclosure for a bit of free-ranging and left the back doors open as it was a nice day. Next thing I know, the babies had hopped in through the door and wondered through to the kitchen! Then the rest of the gang followed shortly behind and I had a living room full of hens!

The big step was last night where I thought I would try earning the girls trust a bit more by trying to get them to eat food that I’m holding. I took a scoop of mixed chicken feed in a box and held it out. To my surprise, after a week of trying with no success, the girls came up to me and started pecking straight out of the box with only a little bit of hesitation. I’m such a proud chicken mama!

2016-04-13 11.49.01-1
Another day, another treat!
More chicken news to come, don’t forget to stay up-to-date with the hens with live clucking on Twitter and Instagram. To follow them just click on the links in the menu at the top of the page. Happy Clucking!


5 thoughts on “The Ladies have Names!

  1. Glad to see the girls have settled in so well. I don’t think I’ll ever get their names right but I’m sure they know who they are especially when it comes to dinner. Keep the pictures coming. Everything else going ok? All ok here been looking at more adverts for flats. Going to have another lok at one on Friday, your mum is coming with me so I might have more news come the weekend. Went dancing as normal yesterday, could hardly get out bed this morning I was so stiff. Getting old!!! No more news,miss you. Love to you both. Gran.


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