The Chickens Have Landed

The Chickens Have Landed

After a long day yesterday, we now have chickens scratching around the enclosure!

We were up early to make sure we were at the farmers auction in plenty of time to pick our favourite ladies. Obviously attire for the day was wellies, jumpers and a flat-cap to get us into the farming feeling!

There were so many breeds and colours that at first we were spoilt for choice. After a while though a few started to stand out to us, there were four lots that we liked in particular: 3 Warrens that were only 18 week old, 2 Black Rock Hens, 2 Mottled Leghorns and a cream Araucana. 

Whilst at an auction it’s not good to get too attached to something before it’s yours, we were so lucky with these hens we’d liked the looks of because we actually got them. That’s right, we are now the proud owners of 8 lovely hens.

2016-04-05 10.17.03
The Warrens

2016-04-05 13.41.14
The Black Rocks

2016-04-05 13.41.41
One of the Mottled Leghorns

2016-04-05 13.42.24
The Cream Araucana
They’re not used to being in the garden yet so we left them in the enclosure with some food and water once we got them back to have some down time. Also they didn’t know that the coop was their bed so we’ll have to pop them in the coop for the first couple of nights, like we did last night, until they can sort themselves out.

2016-04-05 18.31.19
All the chucks getting ready for bed

2016-04-05 18.34.02-1
A quick cuddle before putting them to bed
Once we’ve learnt how to tell the ones of the same breed apart and got to know their personalities a bit more we’ll think about names. I’m thinking along the names of Chicken Run, “Ginger”, “Babs”, “Bunty”…. The rest will be named by my boyfriend and our house mate. I’m so happy now that the chickens are here and I can’t wait to record the adventures of our new chicken family and get some more photos!

2016-04-05 17.39.15 HDR-2


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