An Egg-cellent Birthday present!

An Egg-cellent Birthday present!

With hens will come eggs and whilst I’m not the biggest fan on eggs, I know someone who is looking forward to them. For his Birthday I got my boyfriend a brilliant way to make sure that the eggs get used. I made him a hamper with lots of different bits to cook the eggs with.

I got a ceramic egg holder so that the oldest eggs get used first (with a few cheeky creme eggs in there just for fun!). There were also some bucket shaped egg cups for holding soft boiled eggs. When it comes to cooking the eggs, there were some fun shaped moulds for fried eggs and hard boiled eggs (pictured below, both available from Amazon). I also added an egg slicer for the hard boiled eggs so that they can be added to salads and sandwiches.

Finally I added a few personal bits, just to make it egg-tra special. Wrapped up in a basket hamper, it looked very rustic and farmy!

2016-02-06 11.28.18

What started off as a jokey present actually turned into something practical because now we can have eggs lots of different ways. It’s a nice idea for anyone about to get chickens or is just a fan of eating eggs and is so easy to do!


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